EGPC Rescue

The EGPC operates an extensive breed Rescue program to
protect Great Pyrenees from abandonment and abuse.  Please
see our rescue page to learn more about pure bred rescue and to
see the dogs available for adoption.

Although we are centered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we serve
the entire state of New Mexico.

As an affiliated club of the Great Pyrenees Club of America, the
objectives of Enchantment Great Pyrenees Club are to encourage
responsible ownership of Great Pyrenees, to offer education
concerning the characteristics, caring for, training and general
knowledge of Great Pyrenees and to aid in the placement of
homeless Great Pyrenees through our Rescue Program..

We offer opportunities for members to exchange information and
experiences as well as participate in activities with their dogs such
as parades and fun Pyrnics. Our club participates in a number of
public education events as well.

This site includes breed information about Great Pyrenees,
contacts for anyone interested in club membership, contact
information for people who can provide assistance and information
about Rescue .
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